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The Timeshare Advice Line

If you are looking for free impartial advice on any timeshare matter the The Timeshare Advice Line can help. If you are looking for a simple, safe and legal way to cancel your timeshare contract or think you may have a genuine claim for compensation contact us today. Call 0800 084 3685.

Call us free today on 0800 084 3685.

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The Timeshare Advice Line

Timeshare Advice, Timeshare Cancellation And Timeshare Claims.

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How can we help?

The Timeshare Advice Line Ltd has been established with you in mind. We offer a simple service to timeshare owners looking for a safe way to cancel their timeshare ownership, without having to take the risk of paying before the cancellation is complete.

We can also assist owners who have been mis-sold their timeshare ownerships cancel and potentially claim their money back. To find out how to cancel with no upfront charges or claim money back get in touch with us today,

Call Us Free On 0800 084 3685

timeshare advice

Our friendly staff will provide free impartial advice on any timeshare matter.

timeshare cancellations

We deal with all forms of timeshare ownership in Europe, the USA and Worldwide.

timeshare claims

If you believe you have a genuine claim for compensation contact us today.


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Timeshare Cancellations

If you are simply looking to cancel your timeshare we can help. We will cancel your timeshare with no upfront fees guaranteed.

Cancel My Timeshare


Timeshare Claims

Think you have a claim for compensation? Contact us today and speak to our claims advisers free of charge.

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Timeshare Advice

Our staff provide free impartial advice on any timeshare matter,  and are always happy to help. Contact our friendly team today.

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Happy Customers

"I would just like to say thank you for all your help, My claim was successful and the full amount has been credited to my account."


Mrs B  Club La Costa

NEW "Decided to use the The Timeshare Advice Line because of no upfront fees and only made payable when written confirmation was received from our resort management company, Very good service with regular communication, Only took 5 weeks to dispose of the timeshare."


Mr and Mrs E  Diamond Resorts - Sunset Bay

"NEW Only took 2 weeks to dispose of timeshare, Chosen because of good advice over the telephone and prompt, Also superb follow up service and cost was cheaper than competitors, Excellent first class efficient service."


Mr D  Red Week Torrent Bay Ibiza

NEW "We no longer used timeshare due to change of work commitments and the time of year we originally found OK , Chosen because no upfront charges,no meeting to attend and given total price to dispose of timeshare, Would be happy to recommend them 5 star, Excellent service,fast and efficient cancellation process with staff that kept us informed at all times. We are very grateful and thankfully we can now move on."

Mr and Mrs H  Azure Island Residence Club

NEW "Wanted to cancel timeshare due to change in circumstances, Only took 4 weeks to cancel our timeshare, Placed an enquiry as the website appeared to be the only stating advice and the follow up was positive and concise with regard to fees, Very very helpful would certainly recommend


Mr and Mrs C  Diamond Resorts Points

NEW "No longer used timeshare and flights were to expensive for the week we owned, 3.5 months our timeshare was cancelled, Chosen The Timeshare Advice Line because of no upfront fees, Would recommend."


Mr and Mrs H  Elite Fuerteventura Club

NEW "Wanted to dispose due to lack of availability and rising maintenance fees, Researched online and they seemd the best option paying only on results, Only took 5/6 weeks to dispose of the timeshare, Would rate their service 10/10 and would definitely recommend without hesitation."

Mr And Mrs S  Diamond Resorts Points

“We decided to use Timeshare Advice Line because they don’t ask for money upfront and they gave me the cheapest quote for the cancellation, don’t use due to old age, cost less than annual management fees to cancel, excellent service would recommend them"


Mr and Mrs L  Diamond Resorts Points

”Fees not made payable until disposal is complete, only took two months to dispose of timeshare, didn’t want to leave to family, staff were very efficient and very much on the ball, certainly would recommend to others.”


Mr and Mrs B  Orange Lake - Florida

"Chosen  because I found them and was not bombarded with cold calls/ emails promising magical results and then asking for upfront fees, Increasing management fees and bored of going to the same places, 6 weeks to cancel timeshare, Have already recommended to others."


Mr and Mrs M  Diamond Resorts Points

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rising maintenance fees?

Tired of high fees? We can help you escape them. Contact us today and stop paying high fees for good.

have you been mis-sold?

If you think you have a claim for compensation, contact us today to find out your options.

no availability?

Sick and tired of paying management fees and not being able to book the holidays you want? Contact us.

circumstances changed?

Maybe your timeshare worked for you in the past but your situation is now different. Get in touch with us.

stuck in perpetuity?

Have you found yourself tied in to a perpetuity contract? If yes we can help, contact us today to find out more.

need sound advice?

Conatct us today for free impartial advice. Call us free on 0800 084 3685 to speak to one of our friendly advisers.