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Mr and Mrs H had great news this week as the disposal of their timeshare at Calypso Cay Vacation Villas was finalised..

Mr H originally contacted us in May as his large three bedroom unit was no longer suitable for his needs as his son matured and no longer wished to holiday with Mum and Dad. They had found that when they took out the timeshare originally the maintenance fees were quite reasonable for the family and had some great holidays since they purchased in 2004.

The issue for the H family is that the timeshare purchased 13 years ago, quite simply no longer suited their needs. This is a story we hear all too often, with owners stuck paying annual fees for a product they are no longer getting the use of, unsure of where to turn to get out of their contract legally.

Mr H came to the right place as we deal extensively with the American timeshare market and have assisted many owners of properties in the states legally dispose of their timeshare burden. We were pleased to get the matter dealt with in around 8 weeks.

If you are considering disposing of an American timeshare property, please contact us. Our trained advisers will find out your situation and let you know your options. With no upfront charges, you have nothing to lose!

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