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Mrs T had great news this week as the disposal of their timeshare at Orange Lake In Florida.

“We are pleased we found right company to help us exit our timeshare contract.”

Mrs T initially contacted us at the end of April this year as she needed to find a way to legally exit her timeshare contract at Orange Lake, West Village. As Mrs T works for the police force it was important to her that she found the right company to handle her cancellation and had many questions regarding the legal process.

We put Mrs T in direct contact with our conveyancing specialist who handles the disposal of our American timeshare properties, they had a lengthy chat in which the legal cancellation process for American timeshare was fully explained. Mrs T did not want to commit to using our services at this point as she wanted to speak to a number of different companies, check them all out and then make a fully informed decision on whom would be the best company to entrust with her timeshare disposal.

Mr and Mrs T purchased their two bedroom unit at Orange Lake 25 years ago whilst on their honeymoon and had not had any use of the property for the past 13 years, despite dutifully paying their maintenance fees annually. They had never managed to find a company they trusted to legally get them out of their timeshare contract.

Mrs T contacted us towards the end of June, after conducting extensive research she felt that we were the best company to deal with her timeshare cancellation. We were chosen due to the fact that we do not charge any upfront fees and that she would only have to make a payment once she had confirmation she no longer owned her timeshare week

We were pleased to complete on this disposal this week.

If you like Mrs T are looking to find the right company to help you exit your timeshare contract then please contact us today. We will do a quick assessment and let you know your legal options.

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