Westgate Resorts – Get Out Before Your Fees Are Due | The Timeshare Advice Line
0800 060 8729 - Lines Open 9am - 8pm

We have seen an increase in enquiries recently from owners of Westgate Resorts who are dreading the arrival of their maintenance bill. This years events have seen the pound weaken against the dollar making the cost of an American timeshare ownership much more expensive than in previous years, this is before you factor in the cost of flights and spending money!
We seem to be contacted by more Westgate Resorts owners than any other American timeshare company, and this year is no exception as owners look to get out of their timeshare contracts before the 2019 fee needs to be paid. We offer a no money upfront, straight forward timeshare disposal service for those who are looking to cancel their timeshare ownership. We don’t insist that you attend any meetings or presentations and are on hand now to discuss your options to exit your timeshare agreement without taking the risk of paying upfront charges.
To find out your options for timeshare cancellation please contact us by filling in our contact form calling us on 0800 060 8729 or by using the live chat facility in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to get an instant quote.
If you act now we still have time to cancel your timeshare before the 2020 maintenance fee becomes payable.
We may even be able to help you if you are still paying the mortgage for the property!!

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